img_2246.jpegHi There! Thanks for coming in to Teksachi. My name is Rey, littleibrat is my online handle and this is my technology curation blog. Utilizing various internet resources I manage to gather, process, translate and transmit everything technology related that gets my attention to this blog.

Curated Tech Deals

Recently I have started to post curated tech deals. Curation means that I hand pick and select the deals that stand out to me in a particular day. I have an RSS aggregator that helps me gather recent posts from deal sites, I filter them and choose the best ones and post them here. Most of the time I find these in Amazon and eBay among other sites.

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I like buying things but most importantly I like buying things when they are at a good price. So finding deals in tech has become part of my daily life. Saving some cash while buying what your little heart desires feels awesome. So I started gathering the deals that I like most and post them here daily.

Affiliate Links

I recently became an Amazon and eBay Affiliate. This means that I earn a commission whenever you click and buy tech recommended on this site. This is not passed on to you, you pay the deal price. This moves me to keep finding you the greatest deals. The way I see it, it is a win win situation. You learn about the deals while I get a bit of commission for doing this.

Is that all?

No, this is my blog and I like technology. That means that I may post other technology related posts. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date.